Chloe Ulis is a creative life coach, healer, and intuitive with a gift for reading emotions and clearing blockages to help you to achieve your highest potential. Chloe has been offering creative art coaching & spiritual coaching for 8 years and she has a passion for bringing about your personal transformation and self-mastery. All coaching & healing is offered in a gentle and accepting way to foster your confidence, empowerment and sense of self-love.

Creative Chi Coaching offers a unique and fully customized healing modality that combines life coaching, art therapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), crystal healing, massage, and intuitive readings.  Chloe has an art degree from Emily Carr and she has won four scholarships for her professional fine art practice.  For your customized coaching & healing program, visit

Chloe is professionally certified as a Reiki healer, psychic, life coach, crystal healer, and as a past life and soul retrieval practitioner.  Chloe offers integrative healing, psychic development, crystal healing and magick classes at her business Airlea Mystic Arts & Healing. For healing work & spiritual classes customized to your needs visit: