Chloe forest picChloe Ulis is a life coach and professional artist with a passion for bringing artistic expression, healing, and self-exploration into people’s lives. A visionary with a successful coaching business since 2009, Chloe graduated with an art degree from the Emily Carr University of Art in 2003.  With 9 years of experience in coaching, Chloe gained her Life Coaching Certification from the American University of NLP.

Creative Chi Coaching  brings creativity, healing, and personal transformation into people’s lives. Chloe has a life-long background in visual arts, 19 years of experience as a painter, and she earned 4 scholarships for her artistic achievements from the Peninsula Arts Foundation and 2 scholarships from The Ministry of Education. Chloe draws upon her unique set of knowledge in the healing arts to empower her clients and create lasting personal transformation in their lives. Chloe is a Certified Reiki healer, Certified Psychic, Certified Crystal Healer, and EFT Practitioner, and she combines her healing practices with her creative life coaching to give her clients profound healing that goes beyond the traditional coaching standard.