I'm Chloe Ulis, Certified Life Coach, Intuitive & Healer. I'm here to help you to clear all obstacles from your path and transform your life into your heart’s desire! I offer Art Coaching, Relationship & Emotions Coaching, and Health & Spiritual Coaching. I blend your customized coaching programs with my intuitive & healing gifts to empower you with lasting personal transformation.

Creative Chi Coaching areas of Specialization:

  • Relationship & Emotions Coaching: permanently remove negative emotions with Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), intuitive relationship guidance & powerful heart healing. Healing for anxiety, heartbreak, depression, empaths and highly sensitive people (HSP’s)
  • Health & Spiritual Coaching: gain deep confidence, clarity and healing with gentle intuitive guidance, chakra energy clearing, guided meditations, holistic health tools & tips & powerful manifestation techniques
  • Art Coaching: create the art of your dreams and achieve artistic goals such as an art project, portfolio or art career. Remove creative blocks & feel transformative healing with art therapy

What is a Life Coach?