“Chloe, I’m so inspired by our art coaching sessions together and my head is spinning with ideas! I am just so excited about writing, painting and photography again! I was feeling so uninspired and now I’m back! :) Thank you so much for your passion and compassion. You are a lovely teacher, friend, and art coach and I love how our time together blesses my life! You help me to colour my dreams!”

- Jessica Tonn

“I feel that Chloe is one of the world’s most gifted and versatile artists! Her paintings are exceptionally original and inspiring! I love her use of bright colours and variety of different genres, giving her art a wide spectrum of appeal for everyone.”

- Harmoney Laurence

“Chloe is an exceptionally gifted and thoughtful teacher and Art coach”

- Dannielle MacDonald

“Chloe is a very inspiring, kind, thoughtful, creative art instructor or in her words ‘art coach’.   She brings a calm mindfulness to her instructing/coaching and she addresses questions or problems regarding method or blocks of any kind in an encouraging manner.  Chloe has definitely helped me develop my confidence, helped me greatly with color mixing, methods and composition while gently challenging me to step forward and take chances.  I highly recommend taking Chloe’s classes whether you are a beginner or have experience making art.  She meets everyone where they are at and has a talent for making classes feel comfortable, friendly and inspired. I can’t say enough words about how you have opened my eyes, heart and mind regarding my art practice again.”

- Valerie Irvine

“Thanks to your art classes, I learned how to pay attention to the smallest and most intricate details. Those skills translated very well into Media Arts classes, from hand-drawing animations to using Photoshop. Today, I have a greater appreciation for film and other forms of digital media as well, and it all started thanks to your classes.”

- Ardian Lagman

“I really enjoyed Chloe’s ‘Acrylic Open Studio Painting’ class. She has beautiful energy, incredible talent and inspiration! As a person she is successful and blessed. I look forward to taking another course with Chloe in the future!”

- Lena Naidu

“Chloe is an inspirational art teacher. She makes the class fun and knows just how to bring out your creativity.”

- Anne Sauze

“Chloe’s radiant light and compassion has touched my life in a very positive way. In her private painting lessons she has taught me how to find the artist within me. Chloe is dedicated, focused and reliable. She is a professional with a high level of integrity. When she says she will do something, I know that I can trust her that it will be done. When Chloe is committed to something her determination will see it through to completion. Chloe is like a rare diamond that will bring out the strength and excellence in people’s lives.”

- Maria Carmen Froess

“Chloe is a great art teacher. She is warm and approachable, gives nice advice about the art work you are doing in terms of what works in the art piece and what can be improved, she does this in a gentle way that is not criticizing, and very positive for the artist to hear and improve on their art work when needed. I highly recommend taking art classes with Chloe.”

- Elena Kapulnik

“Chloe’ s painting class was a very enjoyable and educational experience–in fact, I enjoyed it so much; I enrolled in both sessions that were offered. Chloe adapts her teaching to work with beginners and more experienced students, so that everybody receives the support they need. I learned many new techniques and developed confidence in my work. I felt very supported by Chloe, who always focuses on what a student CAN do right now while at the same time gently helping us develop our skills. Chloe provided us with a variety of wonderful handouts to develop our theoretical understanding of painting (abstraction, colour theory etc.), their creativity and their ability to use various techniques. As well, Chloe brought music to each class to help relax and inspire us. Thank you, Chloe!”

- Tracy Urban

“Chloe is a thorough, informative, passionate, intuitive, and creative teaching person.”

- Barb Cameron

“Chloe’s style of teaching has helped me gain a lot of confidence. Chloe’s feeling nature and perceptive skills in managing the process has helped me feel successful. Chloe taught me to pace myself throughout the creative process and this has enabled me to practice patience and relaxation which is greatly helping me. My most recent painting looks great in my living room. ”

- Regina Eustace

“I began private art classes with Chloe one year ago and I haven’t looked back. I hadn’t painted before, but, always wanted to and Chloe has given me the confidence to relax and enjoy. I have completed 4 paintings and received many favourable comments on what I have accomplished through Chloe’s guidance and hands on teachings. She is a very patient and caring person and is an accomplished artist herself.”

- Rebecca Bianchini