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Workshop Description

Release your work-day stress in this fun team building art & creativity workshop. Explore paint and colour while you bond with your coworkers and express your creativity. Enjoy step-by-step instruction and one-on-one art coaching all throughout your artistic process. Discover your inspiration, communicate your vision, and learn easy painting techniques. Share interactive projects and fun creative exercises with your colleagues in a casual atmosphere. No prior artistic experience is needed!

Discover your creative genius and anything is possible. Train your mind to be more curious and creative and you can make your wildest ideas a reality! Learn ways to find your creative juices to make your artistic and personal projects blossom. Unravel problems that may be blocking you from your goals and dreams by learning incredible creativity techniques. Taste a sample of proven creativity exercises that you can apply in your daily life and begin to unlock your creative genius. Some of the topics we can explore in this fully customizable workshop are:

  • How to balance your right brain and left brain and be more creative
  • How to use the steps process and develop creative discipline
  • How your creativity is the secret to your genius potential
  • How to use creativity in your daily life
  • How to use brainstorming & wild mind writing to expand your ideas
  • How to create a creative studio space to boost your creative endeavours
  • How to strengthen your visualization skills using right brain drawing exercises
  • How to solve any problem using the Solutions Focus Technique
  • How to rid yourself of emotional blocks using the Emotional Freedom Technique


$80/hr private coaching at workplace $825/half day (2.5 hrs) $1650/day (5 hrs)

Supplies are included in the price of the workshop. The total cost of the workshop will be negotiated based on the number of participants and the cost of supplies.  Please call Chloe at 604-805-5622 for more information.


To register call Chloe at 604-805-5622 or email